Small Investment Once – Huge Lifetime Returns

Are you interested in making money online for free? Well, you will almost always have to make a small investment.  A life time membership fee of $25  is as good as free.

You will have to have visitors to any program you use. An automatic traffic generator is a great asset.

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 Money to Make Money

It takes some money to make more money… at least  small investments. Think about it.  Most people need gas money or bus fare.  You may have to buy work clothes. Suites or tee shirts …. both cost.  Have you spent money on tools for your job?   Do you spend something on a meal at work?

Do you really know how much your work expenses are?

small investments aren't scary.
How much this month?

Your Monthly Work Expenses

(My Guesstimate)

  • Gas          $150/monthly
  • Food        $100/monthy
  • Clothes    $ 50 /monthly
  • Tools       $ 25/monthly
  • Misc.        $ 25/monthly

You are probably paying around $350/monthly NOW to go to work daily.

Your expenses may be higher or lower. But, you need money to make money.

A Small Investment

Home business is a cost effective way to make money….. no gas expense, no tools, no new clothes, no meals on the run.

Would a one time $25 investment for a home business be worth it?


“Small Business Trends”, an online magazine, states that almost 70% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. started with a home business.

new report from the International Telecommunication Union states that 3.2 billion people worldwide used the internet in 2015.

  An internet business is no brainer.

Free is a small investment.

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free websites are a small investment

$25 is a Small Investment

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$25 is a small investment.

The  2 free websites with this special internet business mean:

A Small Investment with Large Returns.

Small Investments – Small Risk

Because the 2 websites and 10 lessons are free, there is no risk. No credit card or financial information is required.  If the websites and lessons aren’t for you, you can just stop.

You can develop you websites in any way that interests you.  This internet business is just an opportunity to jump in and earn

Large Returns with a Small Investment

Share you thoughts in the comment section.  Would you like to build an internet business.  Is $25 too big an investment?